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Sensory Bags!

Children learn through all their senses and they like to touch and manipulate things. But more than simply moving materials around, hands-on activities activate children's brains. 🧠 Children learn in many different ways: visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic, and social. 🎨🎹🎲🎭🎪

Hands-on activities will definitely engage children who are tactile or kinesthetic learners, who need movement to learn best. Such activities also engage children who are auditory learners, who talk about what they're doing, and visual learners, who have the opportunity to see what everyone else is creating. For social learners, the time spent in small group conversation will strengthen their knowledge.

With all these positive effects that our little ones may obtain with hands-on activities, our team always plan meaninful and fun sensory play in class! It includes any activity that stimulates the children's senses: touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing. ✋🏻👃🏻👅👣👀👂🧠

Sensory activities facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. The sensory activities allow children to refine their thresholds for different sensory information helping their brain to create stronger connections to process and respond to sensory information. 🏆

For last week, our little ones had the chance to make their own sensory bag making their own choice of items to be placed in the bag. Through this activity, we are working on decision making, colour recognition, introducing various tactile materials, listening of instruction, motor planning skills, and many more! ♥️

A simple activity can help your little ones in many ways!

Of course, fun bonding time with them too!

Hope you will have unlimited time with your little angels!




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