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Visual Motor Integration

Visual motor integration is the ability to interpret visual information and respond with a motor action. It is crucial for coordination activities. If visually presented information is not perceived correctly, the muscles will get incorrect messages resulting in an inappropriate motor response.


Children who have deficits in visual motor integration may exhibit problems with participating in sports, eye hand coordination skills, eye foot coordination skills, bilateral coordination (combining both sides of the body together), body awareness, activities of daily living (i.e. getting food on a fork), copying visual information, drawing, handwriting, lining up math problems, geometry, speed of complete motor tasks, etc.


Here are some activities that encourage visual motor integration:

▶️ practice, practice, practice balls skills - catching, throwing, kicking and hitting. Start with large balls and slower speed progressing to smaller balls and faster speed.

▶️ practice large movements to form letters and numbers (i.e. air writing forming the letters large in the air using your whole arm and hand).

▶️ use stencils, dot to dot puzzles, mazes and coloring books (emphasising coloring in the lines)

▶️ practice lacing activities - string beads, simple sewing projects and lacing cards

▶️ copy designs using wooden blocks, interlocking blocks, peg boards, etc.

▶️ play movement games that encourage right/left discrimination, avoiding obstacles, stopping/starting, etc.

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