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Making of Rainbow Cloud Craft!

If your kids love digging into arts and crafts 🎨works with paint or glue up to their elbows, relax -- they’re learning and developing in essential ways while they’re making a beautiful mess.👩🏻‍🎨 Children derive many important benefits from the opportunity of working with arts and crafts projects, making creative activities worthwhile in your home. 👨🏻‍🎨

Today we introduced the colours of the rainbow 🌈(additional pink too) to the little ones & they surely had fun playing with the crepe paper & pulling apart cotton wool! You could do the similar craft at home too! ❤️

Things to prepare:

1. Thick white paper📜 (you may precut a cloud shape beforehand) 2. Scissors✂️ (if you are dealing with kids, we use a childproof scissor) 3. White glue 4. Various colours of crepe paper 5. Cotton wool (Giant sells for $1 a pack!)

Procedures: 1. Assist child in applying white glue onto one side of the cloud cut-out. 2. Present the bag of cotton wool to child. Demonstrate the pulling out wool from bag and attach onto the cut-out. Continue till whole cutout is filled with cotton to gives a cloud effect. 3. Cut strips of crepe paper and get child to identify the colours. (You may do various activities for this stage as the knowledge of colours varies for different children. Ask questions which make them ponder. Compare and match the similarities or differences) 4. Stick strips of crepe paper at the bottom end of the cloud (opposite side from the cotton)

TA-DA~~ 🌈☁️🌈RAINBOW CLOUD 🌈☁️🌈is done!

Enjoy & have a great evening! ❤️💛💚💙💜

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