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Structured Work-Alone Station

This work system is a strategy that addresses independence as an essential outcome. It is defined by Division TEACHH® as a systemic and organised presentation of tasks and materials that visually communicated at least four pieces of information to the child. 1. The tasks/steps the child is supposed to do. 2. How many tasks/steps there are to be completed . 3. How the child knows he/she is finished. 4. What to do when he/she is finished. Tip: If you have such work system at home, teach with minimally invasive prompts so the adult/prompts do not become part of the work routine (e.g., promot nonverbally, direct child to visual cues, prompt from behind away from child's visual field, fade prompts as quickly as possible to maximise independence.) "The physical environment plays a crucial role in helping to shape the behaviour and development of children."

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