School Supply


If your child is above 7 yrs old and is enrolled in a mainstream-curriculum primary school,

and you're looking for a smaller ratio after-school guidance  for your child to receive assistance in completing his or her daily homework, this is where you shall be!


Mainstream   Curriculum

. Edification . Rendering Academic Support . Boosting Confidence . Developing Self-directed Learners .

Children are seen as unique individuals with immense potential. Our goal is to provide a holistic learning environment to nurture children both in the academic and non-academic domains. The ASG programme aims to hone your child’s cognitive abilities whereby they will undergo formal learning. Our educators will guide your child in completing his/her daily homework (English, Math & Science). The curriculum includes heuristic language (prescriptive grammar, descriptive grammar, & lexicon/technical jargons), mathematical concepts, hands-on Science experiments and field trips. Besides the academic realm, we will also be reinforcing essential life skills/daily life skills.


Values are of paramount importance in defining an individual’s identity. At Captain Panda Academy, we accentuate on instilling virtues and building competencies. Students will be provided with the opportunities that develop their emotional and social domains through engaging and meaningful activities.